Rooty Hill Masjid is Open for Daily and Friday Prayers

Assalamu Alaikom Wa Rahmatu Allahe Wa Barakatuh, Rooty Hill Masjid is now open for Daily and Friday Prayers


  • Due to reported COVID-19 cases following conditions of entry in Rooty Hill   Masjid Must be followed
  • Maintain 1.5M distance at all times
  • Bring your own prayer mats (No Mat No Entry)
  • Face mask is mandatory
  • QR code scan compulsory / sign in
  • Highly recommended fully vaccinated  
  • Children 10yr and under not allowed
  • If sick don’t come, get COVID tested
  • After Faraz prayer must leave immediately, no congregation allowed in masjid (until further notice), Sunnah at home