Assalamu alaykum WRWB

Bismillar hi rahiman nir Rahim. May Allah SWT shower his choicest blessings on all of us and infinite salutations to our beloved Prophet Nabi Kareem sallalahu allaihi wasalaam.

On behalf of IAWSS EC members and Imams of Rooty Hill Masjid, I would like to convey our sincere condolence to the families in Pakistan who have lost their loved ones during the recent floods, one of the most devastating floods in the history of Pakistan. We share your grief and you are in our prayers. May Allah SWT grant the deceased the highest ranks in Jannat and give sabr to the grieving families.

Millions of people are currently homeless and displaced, they need food, clothing and shelter. Over 1000 have lost their lives and one-third of the country is suffering due to the flood. It is indeed a very sad time for the People of Pakistan as they are going through this severe catastrophe.

May Allah SWT takes away the shock, sadness, pain and suffering from the victim’s families and Almighty Allah gives speedy recovery to the injured. 

IAWSS/ Rooty Hill Masjid is currently in the process of raising funds to help our brothers, sisters and children in Pakistan who are in desperate needs for our assistance.

If you would like to contribute towards this ‘Fundraising appeal’ you may personally donate at the Masjid this Friday, as people will be present to accept your generous contributions. You may also directly deposit into IAWSS Account with the reference to “ Pakistan Flood”. It is my humble appeal to each and every one to dig deep and help our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

Bank – CBA

BSB – 062597

Account no – 10197103

Thank you and Wasalaam

Nasib Mohammed

President IAWSS (Rooty Hill Masjid)