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Ramadhan Calendar 2021 (1442 Al Hijrah)

On 15/04/2021
اللهم بلغنا رمضان لا فاقدين ولا مفقودين Please click the link below to view and download calendar for Ramadhan 1442 Al Hijrah (Apr/May, 2021) for you and your family. The Ramadhan Calendar 2021
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Crescent is NOT sighted for Ramadhan 1442 (April, 2021)

On 23/04/2020
اسلام عليكم Today is the 29th of Sha'ban, 1442 Al Hijra. As per sunnah of our Holy Propeht ﷺ , IAWSS has conducted moonsighting activities across Australia and liaised with neighbouring countries within the three-hour time zone. Based on the reliable information and verifications, IAWSS confirms that crescent has NOT…
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Moonsighting Update Ramadhan 2021(1442H)

On 12/04/2021
Assalamualaykum WRWB, IAWSS (Rootyhill Masjid) moon sighting committee session is in progress. We are liaising with our other associates in Australia and other countries within 3 hours’ time zone (Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore). We will advise you as soon as there is any NEWS on moonsighting. We anticipate next…
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Jumu’a Prayer times during Ramadhan ( 2021) 1442H

On 09/04/2021
Asslamualikum Jumu’a Prayer times during Ramadhan ( 2021) 1442H First SessionSecond SessionFirst Adhan12:20 pm Bayaan12:30 pmNo Bayaan.Second Adhan & Khutbah12:45 pm1:20 pmSalaat1:00 pm1:30 pm All people are requested to pray their Sunnah prayers at home
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