Eid-al-Adha 2020 Prayer Announcement

Assalamualyikum WRWB,

Insha Allah Eid Ul Adha prayer will be celebrated on Saturday 1st August 2020.

Due to COVID-19 and restrictions placed by Federal / State Govt only 100 Musalleen will be able to pray at one time. We encourage you to perform Eid salaat in your homes preferably only with immediate family members, refer to Khutbah attached.

Only for locals ( Men Only) we will have Eid Salaat, first session at 7 am and followed by 7.30, 8, 8.30 and 9am.

Guidelines to offer Eid Prayer at Rooty Hill Masjid

Preferably only for local musallees.

Elderly, sick and children must offer prayer at home.

Musallees must register themselves with Security.

Bring your own prayer mats, no entry without prayer mat.

Wudu area is closed, make wudu at home

First come first offer base.

No onsite parking.

Wishing you and your family the very best wishes for Eid Ul Adha, may Allah SWT accept your DUA and sacrifice.