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Eid-ul-Fitr Crescent Annoucement. Eid is on Tuesday.

By user@rooty on 27/07/2014

The Hilal for 1st Shawwal, 1435 is NOT sighted from anywhere in Australia today. Therefore tomorrow Monday 28th of July, 2014 will be 30th Ramadhan, 1435.

Eid will fall on Tuesday 29th of July, 2014.

On behalf of all members of IAWSS we wish to convey EID MUBARAK in advance to all Muslims in Sydney and around Australia.

Eid Salaat will be held in Rooty Hill Mosque at 8:00 am on Tuesday 29th of July, 2014.

Parking is available at 24 Abraham Street, Rooty Hill.

Please be mindful of parking rules and do not block passages of other people. Extra police/security will be patrolling the area to keep the traffic safe and avoid congestion, as Tuesday is a working day and 8:00 -9:00 am is peak traffic hour.

Please observe the rules and cooperate with council authorities so that there are no untoward incidents and we all can enjoy our Eid celebrations.

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Eid-ul-Fitr Crescent (Moon) Update

By user@rooty on 24/07/2014

Sunday 27th July, 2014

Insha Allah, Rooty Hill Masjid will be confirming the sighting or otherwise of the crescent (moon) for the 1st of Shawwal, 1435 Al Hijra (Eid-ul-Fitr) here on this web page.

4:40 pm:    Insha Allah, efforts are underway now, to sight the Crescent (Moon)  all around Australia.

5:49 pm : The crescent (moon)  has set in Sydney and Brisbane. Crescent (moon) was not sighted in Sydney or Brisbane.

6:07 pm : The crescent (moon)  has set in Melbourne. Crescent (moon) was not sighted in Melbourne.

6:40 pm : The crescent (moon)  has set in Adelaide. Crescent (moon) was not sighted in Adelaide.

7:33 pm:  The crescent (moon)  has set in Darwin. Crescent (moon) was not sighted in Darwin. Waiting for Perth.

8:51 pm:  The crescent (moon)  has set in Perth. Crescent (moon) was not sighted in Perth. Final announcement to be made.

Latest information on this will be also available on Rooty Hill Masjid Info Line on 02 8520 3201.

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Lailat-ul-Qadr at Rooty Hill Masjid

By user@rooty on 23/07/2014

Assalamu alaikum Warahmatullah e Wabarkaatuh.

Insha Allah, Khatmein Quraan will take place on Thursday 24th July, 2014 at the Rooty Hill Masjid. All Muslim brothers and sisters are invited to join us for Iftar and dinner program at the Masjid.

On this occasion:

1. Duaa for Khatmein Quraan will be offered after Salaat-ul-Taraweeh by Mufti Dr. Assadullah Tariq.

2. Special Bayaan, Dhikr and Duaa will be offered by Maulana Ehtrimul Haq Thanvi.

3. Those brothers and sisters wish to remain in the Masjid the Assosciation will provide Sheri.


Parking Notice

Please DO NOT park your vehicles in unauthorised areas (driveways, greenbelt, No-Stopping Zones, etc.). Additional parking is available at 24 Abraham Street, Root Hill (off Duke Street).


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