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Islamic New Year Lecture

By user@rooty on 21/10/2014

Assalamu alaikum.

Greetings on the Islamic New Year!  May Allah shower peace, goodness and blessings on all in this New Year. To mark this occasion a lecture will be presented by Dr. Tariq Syed at the mosque on the topic of the history of Shuhadah of Islam, including the grandson of the Holy Prophet (saw). Dinner will be served after the lecture.

Date: Sunday 26th October, 2014
Time : Lecture starts after Magrib prayer
Venue: Rooty Hill Masjid, 33 Headcorn Street, Mt. Druitt, NSW 2770.
Dinner: After lecture
Isha Prayers : After dinner

All are welcome. Please extend this invitation to your friends and other muslims.


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Jum’a Prayers and Bayaan

By user@rooty on 11/10/2014

Assalamu alaikum.

Insha Allah, efforts are being made to take advanatge of the blessings of the day of Jumu’a. In this regard, arrangements are being made to preceed the Jumu’a prayers with some Bayaan (religious talk) before the Adhan.

12:40 pm   -  Bayaan in Urdu

1:10 pm      -  First Adhan and Sunnah prayers

1:15 pm      -  Bayaan in English

1:25 pm      -  Second Ahdan and Khutba

1:30 pm     -  Jama’ah

All members of our community are requested to take advantage of this.

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