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Quran Ramadan

On 22/06/2015


“The month of Ramadan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for the mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance , and the criterion (of right and wrong).”

(Chapter 2, Al-Baqara, verse 185)

To encourage our youth Huffaaz, IAWSS (Masjid Committee) has organized two Tarawih prayers;

  1. The first Tarawih is being offered in the Masjid Hall.
  2. The second Tarawih is being offered in the Quran studies room which will be completing;
    • 3 Juz (siparah) daily till 20th of Rmadan.
    • 21st night till 26th night there will be 5 juzz every night in Qurnan studies .
    • 27th, 28th and 29th  10 juzz every night in Quran studies room.
    • After Tarawih Prayer, Tafseer-e-Quran will be relayed by Dr. Mufti Asadullah Tariq.

Shabinah Prayer:

Shabinah Prayer will be offered in Masjid Hall which comprises 3 juzz per night  in last  Ashra (10 nights) as it happened in previous years.

Time:   11:00 PM every night.

Iftar / Dinner / Itikaf:

For Iftar / Dinner / Sahoor booking and reservation queries, please contact Br.Atif @ 02 96756246

There are limited spaces available for Itikaf, and all who are interested shall fill in Itikaf application (Download Application Form) and return to association office (Masjid) by Wed 8th July 2015.

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Jumua (Friday) Prayer and Bayaan

On 11/10/2014

Jumua (Friday) Prayer

Insha Allah, efforts are being made to take advantage of the blessings of the day of Jumu’a. In this regard, arrangements are being made to precede the Jumu’a prayers with some Bayaan (religious talk).

12:20 pm first AZAN
12:40 pm Bayaan in Urdu / English  (First 3 Fridays of every month bayaan is in Urdu language  and last Friday of every month bayyan is in English language)
1:15 pm Sunnah prayers
1:20 pm second AZAN followed by Khutba
1:30 pm Jama’at

All members of our community are requested to take advantage of this.

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