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HAJJ 2014 Consultations

By user@rooty on 08/09/2014

Dr. Tariq Syed will be available for consultations about matters related to Hajj for all Hujjaj who intends to perform Hajj this year.

Please see Dr.Tariq and seek an appointment between A’sr and Magrib salaats.

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Nouman Ali Khan at Rooty Hill Masjid

By user@rooty on 03/08/2014

Insha Allah, the internationally renowned Muslim speaker Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan will deliver a lecture at Rooty Hill Masjid on Thursday 7th August, 2014.

Nouman Ali Khan

Nouman Ali Khan

Click HERE for more details.

Note: Parking is limited inside masjid. Please use parkings at 24, Abraham Street, Rooty Hill, behind the pub. Car pooling amongst attendees is strongly recommended.

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